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Expertise bundled in a practice-oriented way

Anchoring sustainability in practice, implementing the circular economy: In the Forum Rezyklat, experts develop concrete solutions, such as implementation aids, to preserve raw materials in the packaging value chain. These publications help companies, for example, to comply with packaging and recycling guidelines, to implement digitalisation in their processes and to inform consumers at the point of sale about sustainability-relevant product characteristics.


Free trade publications:

Guideline Recycled Material

This guideline should enable you to enter the packaging master data with regards to recycled material correctly by providing definitions and a multitude of examples.

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Statement of the Forum Rezyklat

For an EU-wide uniform logo system for the correct separation of packaging and the promotion of the circular economy

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Accelerating Circular Packaging for a Sustainable Future

Transition to circular packaging. Learn recyclability guidelines, track sustainability progress. Find support and info in links.

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Guideline Recyclability

The recyclability guideline serves as the basis for master data maintenance of the determined recyclability of product packaging in the GDSN data pool network.

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