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Turning old into new: recyclates are produced by processing discarded plastic and can be reused for new packaging. Forum Rezyklat is the place where stakeholders from all sectors of the circular economy come together, forming links in order to develop practical and consumer-oriented solutions for recyclable packaging. They are also committed to increasing the use of recyclates in packaging. In doing so, they embrace state-of-the-art recycling technology.


The circular economy – plastic as a raw material

Future recycling requirements continue to grow at the same rate as current packaging waste. Yet economic, environmental and social reasons make the need for an integrated plastics cycle ever more pressing. At present, however, too much raw material capital is simply thrown away in the form of shampoo bottles, cream tubs and similar. After all, plastic packaging is a source of raw material. Its basic materials can be fed back into new production cycles and thus used again and again as recyclable materials. The keyword here is recyclate. This secondary raw material is produced by processing discarded plastic and can be reused to make new packaging.


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Correct raw material collection

Careful sorting of waste is essential to a functioning circular economy. That’s because the individual materials can only be recycled by type and fed back into the cycle if they have been correctly sorted – ensuring less waste and greater environmental protection.


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Waste sorting made easy

‘Working together for the environment’

In conjunction with the initiative “Mülltrennung wirkt” (Waste separation works), Forum Rezyklat lays the foundations for a functioning recycling process and tomorrow’s environmental protection. This year’s communication campaign explains how to correctly sort waste and motivates people to get involved – because if residual waste and packaging is properly sorted, everyone can play an active role in mitigating climate change.

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Forum Rezyklat – a recycling alliance

Forum Rezyklat is an alliance of partners along the entire packaging value chain. The aim is to help increase the recycling rate and the recycled content in packaging. In this regard, Forum Rezyklat draws up strategies and measures to raise awareness of the circular economy and the sorting of recyclable materials, while also drawing attention to reducing material use and recyclability in the development process for new packaging.


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Useful information for companies

Mitigating climate change and conserving resources: how can these aspects be combined with long-term commercial success? How can companies play their part here? Why is recyclate part of the solution?

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Useful expertise is bundled by experts in the field of circular economy in free guides, recommendations and position papers.

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